Sustainable technology is now a mandate for the 21st century and is a major thrust of research at Georgia Tech.  The concept of sustainable process embodies two complimentary facets: The process must be environmentally benign, but it must also be economical so that it will be used.  Advances in separation technology are key to fulfilling both of these goals. 

Typically in any chemical process the separation step accounts for 60-80% of the capital investment, of the operating costs, and of the energy requirements.  The Specialty Separations Center at Georgia Tech (SSC) collects no fees and sponsors no research.  Rather it fosters collaborative and interdisciplinary solutions to separation challenges by promoting research partnerships not only among faculty from many units but also partnerships with industry.   These collaborations results in new separation methods that are sustainable and frequently implemented by our industrial partners.  Equally important, the SSC trains students and works with industry and government to learn fundamentals of separations science and to apply them to real world applications.